Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Boasts from the Sporting World

              Dutch coach Danny Blind still believes that his team can make it to the Euro tournament next year despite the fact that they don't have their fate in their own hands. Speaking to Dutch sports channel Nedersport ahead of their must-win game against the already-qualified Czech Republic, Mr. Blind said, 'Of course I believe we will still qualify.' 'Belief is all you need.' 'And a little luck.' Unfortunately the rest of the Dutch camp didn't share the same sentiments. To motivate the deflated team, Mr. Blind plans to show them clips of the Euro 1988 Final and their opening Group B win over Spain from the last World Cup. After that he says that the whole team and technical staff will hold hands and pray for a miracle. Those who are Catholic will say the Rosary.

              Carli Lloyd says that she will win the FIFA Women's Player of the Year award for 2015. Speaking to this reporter, the midfielder and hero of the US Women's triumph at the Women's World Cup final in Canada back in July said, 'Without a doubt I will win it.' 'Didn't you see my performance in the World Cup final?' 'Those Japanese girls couldn't stand a chance against my fire power.' 'Besides, which other woman has scored a hat-trick in a World Cup final?' 

              Former FIFA Women's Player of the Year Marta says that the Brazilian women will win gold at the Olympics next year. Speaking to O' Globo Sport, the star striker said, 'We have been in two Olympic finals before and have fallen just short. I think that 2016 will be our year. We are not afraid of the Americans. Even though they are the reigning World and Olympic Champions. We do have a team that can beat them. Remember how we humiliated them 4-0 at the 2007 World Cup?'
              Maria Sharapova has boldly predicted that she will win another Grand Slam title next year. Speaking to the sports website Sportsforlife.com, the tall Russian said, 'I will win a Grand Slam title next year.' 'After all, 2016 is a year ending in an even number and it is also an Olympic year.' 'If you know my history, I typically win Grand Slams in years ending in even numbers and Olympic years which also end in even numbers.' 'Just look at my Grand Slam wins: 2004 - Wimbledon, even number/Olympic year, 2006 - U.S. Open, even number year, 2008 - Australian Open, even number/Olympic year, 2012 - French Open, even number/Olympic year and 2014 - French Open, even number year.' 'You see the pattern?'

             Holly Holm says that she will beat Ronda Rousey to a pulp in their upcoming bout. Speaking to MMA News, the former boxer turned MMA fighter said, 'I've seen numerous clips of her fighting and I can positively state that her punching power has left much to be desired.' 'Doesn't Ronda know that I am coming from a strong boxing background?' In response Rousey said, 'didn't that bimbo see what I did to the Brazilian braggart Bethe Correira in my last bout?' 'Holly would be lucky if she lasts twenty seconds with me.' 'She better watch her mouth or she may end up having to pay for a new one.' 'It may be either her mouth or her arm.' 'Either way I'll be satisfied,' the reigning UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion  said.

             Finally, Manny Pacquiao says that if Floyd Mayweather had only given him a rematch, he would have gotten his revenge. Speaking to Boxer.com, the Filipino stated that the reason why Mayweather didn't give him a rematch is that he is afraid of him. Mayweather couldn't be reached for comment because it is believed that he was too busy counting the money he made from his last two fights.




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